First post!

Things I’ve found, connections I’ve seen, tiny creations I’ve made. This blog will be where I put them.

I’ll start with a story from my tender, tender youth-

One day my piano teacher was testing my ear. I think I was 12 or 13, and she said we would write some music. She pressed one of the piano keys as a starting point, and for the next note in “my” music, she would play two new notes for me to choose from, and so on. Each time she would give me a choice, I would choose the note that sounded worst, just to see how strange it would be in the end (very strange). I didn’t tell her my strategy, so I’m sure she thought I had the worst ear for music ever. But to make a choice that was, to me, incredibly obvious, seemed impossibly boring.

I think this story explains one reason a creative person’s life can be difficult.

edit- or maybe I’m just weird.